Wildlife conservation programs:
                       Adopt an animal, or....
                       Adopt a Habitat

                         The following links are to animal adoption programs.

The purpose of these programs is to help save endangered species, and, several support captive breeding programs through which nature conservationists seek to insure that these animals have a healthy genetic legacy to pass on to future generations.  Other programs that are listed here are designed to save the habitat that is necessary to support wildlife and the plant life that they depend on for food and shelter.  

Before you invest in animal adoption, please make sure that you are comfortable with the organization.  The National Wildlife Federation (NWF) and the Nature Conservancy (TNC) are well known.  If you are not familiar with the organization, check with the area's Better Business Bureau to make sure that the organization does what it says that it does.  The fact that these sites are listed here does not constitute an endorsement of the organization.  You must make the determination of their reliability for yourself. 


                            http://www.savethemanatee.org/adoptpag.htm Adopt-A-Manatee
http://www.whalecenter.org/adopt.htm Adopt-A-Whale
  http://www.cheetah.org/?html=adopt Adopt-A-Cheetah
http://www.tigerlink.org/6g.html Adopt-A-Tiger
http://www.wolfhaven.org/ Adopt-A-Wolf
https://www.elephantsanctuary.org/adopt/ Adopt-An-Elephant
http://shambala.org/shambala.htm Wild Animal Adoptions
http://www.keepersofthewild.org/ Wild Animal Adoptions
http://www.defenders.org/adopt/bear/ Grizzly Bear Adoption
http://nature.org/adoptabison/ TNC Adopt-A-Bison
http://www.adoptabird.org/ Adopt-A-Bird (your choice of raptors)
INFO:  Keep the WILD Alive! Nat'l. Wildlife Federation
Backyard Wildlife Habitat Program Nat'l. Wildlife Federation
http://www.moonridgezoo.com/adopt.html Wild Animal Adoptions
http://nature.org/wherewework/northamerica/states/oklahoma/ TNC Tallgrass Prairie Preserve
http://nature.org/joinanddonate/adoptanacre/ TNC Adopt an Acre (your choice)
http://nature.org/joinanddonate/rescuereef/ TNC Adopt a Reef



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